April Reads

April has not been a good month for my family and I so my reading has been neglected somewhat. I only got one book finished!

The Flower Arrangement – Ella Griffin

img_3294 (2)

Following the heartbreaking loss of her baby, Lara opens her own flower shop,  Blossom & Grow. This shop and it’s owner are at the core with many petals on the stem of this book.

Lara has a talent for selecting just the right flowers for the occasion and she does this for the many customers we meet throughout this book as we learn a little about their lives along the way.

Each chapter is named after a flower and the authors knowledge is impressive. A thoroughly enjoyable read, albeit highly emotional at times.


Hopefully, May will be a far more productive month for me reading wise. Have you read anything good lately that you would like to recommend?

Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, all of the books I mention in these monthly posts are bought and paid for by myself.


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