Baking, Biscuits, Snack

Homemade ‘Digestives’

Generally speaking, I don’t buy biscuits,well except for the odd occasions when Mr. S/H can’t resist the lure of a glossy packet with some double, triple, chocolate chunk promise inside. They’re expensive, packed to the rafters with sugar and god knows what else, and shout from the biscuit tin, just begging to be devoured by a vulnerable passer by. I do …

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I Do it Mammy!

Our two year old, Princess Abbie; or sometimes Pirate Abbie, or Doctor Abbie, depending on the cartoon of choice for that day; has decided she’s also my Mini Baker. As soon as she sees a bowl on the counter or a bag of flour being removed from the press, she looks for her apron, drags a chair across to the …

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