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Porridge Bread

Ok, so porridge bread is no big secret, it’s everywhere. It is super easy and super healthy, so why wouldn’t it be? In  my opinion, porridge oats really are a super food. They’re low in fat, low gi (which is brilliant for somebody like me who needs to concentrate on low gi foods), they release energy slowly thus avoiding the ‘sugar …

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Uncle Jim’s Brown Bread

Uncle Jim isn’t my Uncle Jim, he is actually Uncle Jim of the McGargle family brewers ( I had picked up one of their sampler packs recently and when we opened the bottle of Uncle Jim’s stout I thought it would be lovely in a loaf of bread, it smelled so good. I couldn’t describe it any better than McGargles …

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A Flavour of Wexford

Ireland has a wealth of fantastic food producers and we are very fortunate here in Wexford to be home to some of the finest. With this sweet & savoury scone I am bringing Wexford to the table. I have used Uncle Aiden’s Stoneground Flour which is produced at Ballyminane Mills in Ballindaggin, just outside Enniscorthy. I use a lot of …

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Summer Scones

I have mentioned before how I like to give the children homemade snacks in their lunchboxes as much as I can. One of the things I regularly give them is a scone, I tend to make a batch almost every week and pop them in the freezer, leaving them out overnight & putting them into the lunchboxes before the kids head out …

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