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WTF Was I Thinking Suggesting Crafts on a Monday?!

Monday morning. Rubbish night with the Cuddlemonster. Not like him, so blame the moon. I have a woeful headache, strong painkillers consumed. I’ll be grand. Usual Monday morning antics in our house. Middle child is looking sheepish. Turns out he ‘forgot’ to have his shower last night. It’s 8.35. Go now and be quick! The older ones are gone to …

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The First Day

As I mentioned here previously, Little Miss was starting pre school. Due to unforeseen circumstances, her start day was delayed a week, so she was more than ready to go when this morning came around. She had practiced opening and closing her lunchboxes (one for a sandwich, one for snacks) numerous times just to be certain she’d manage them. The same with …

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