Occasionally I receive products for the purpose of review. This does not guarantee a full review on this blog. Things may be mentioned on my social media channels, however,  that is not a guarantee either.
I will only ever agree to review products that I feel are a good fit for my blog. I have not and will not ever accept payment in exchange for a positive review.


I review books regularly on this blog. The majority of the books I review are books I buy myself or Advanced Review Copies I receive through NetGalley (www.netgalley.com) Anyone can join NetGalley and read books in exchange for reviews.
Occasionally I am sent books for the purpose of review, this will always be clearly stated. I accept hard copies and ebook copies. I review books with my children also.


My daughter and I are Lottie Doll ambassadors. This means we bring you exclusive news regarding Lottie Dolls, very occasionally we may receive a Lottie product to review and I am a Lottie Doll Affiliate This means I may receive a very small percentage of sales should you purchase from the Lottie Dolls website via this blog.


I am a member of the Netflix Ireland Stream Team. This means I receive complimentary Netflix in exchange for regular reviews.


I am a Book Depository Affiliate, Amazon Affiliate and a Lottie Doll Affiliate. This means I may receive a very small percentage of sales should you click through links on this blog and make a purchase. Affiliate links will always be very clearly stated.


There is a wealth of recipes on this blog. A portion of these recipes are reproduced from cookbooks. This is always made very clear in the relevant post. In recent times, the majority of recipes shared are mine, and I would appreciate the courtesy of being credited should my recipe be shared or reproduced elsewhere.

To conclude, all reviews will be 100% honest, receiving a complimentary product does not guarantee a review on this blog nor does receiving a product guarantee a positive review. Disclosure statements will always be clear to see.

Nicola Naessens

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