Into the Great Wide Open

My smallest person, my littlest boy, my Cuddlemonster. He’s about to take his first steps into the big wide world. His first foray into a world without me by his side.

When only Mama’s hand will do.

We had planned on introducing him go to playschool last September, one or two mornings a week, just to see how he would get on. However he had other plans. He wasn’t ready, he needed more time with his Mama and that’s perfectly okay. There’s no hurry.

After the Halloween break he still wasn’t ready, again this was perfectly okay. We weren’t pushing. The idea only came about because he missed his little pal, my fairy girl, when she initially went.He would often wave her off, happy enough in my company. Other days, depending on what mischief they were getting up too before school, he would cuddle Teddy B and say he missed her.

Teddy B

Then of course there were the days where he and I had adventures that would see us leave the house and end up on the beach, or visiting Daddy at work or wandering around the Secret Garden. Those days he would declare he was staying with Mama forever!

We’re going on an adventure

Then the Christmas holidays arrived. He watched the fairy in her Christmas play. They sang the Paw Patrol song, there was much laughter and excitement. He had a chat with his sister….’You can do that too Harry’ She was persuading him. Santa Claus  then left him a ‘cool’ little lunch bag in his stocking with trains on it. My Cuddlemonster decided this was for school. He has decided himself he is ready to go.

His lunchbag

So, here I am watching my last baby (he’s still only three, still only a baby!) play with his cars, smiling up at me every so often wondering if he’ll be okay. I can count on one hand the number of times he has been away from me or Mr. Simply Homemade.I shouldn’t worry for he tells me he’s a big boy now.

So off he’ll go tomorrow, just for one or two mornings a week to start, off to playschool. A first for him, a last for me. My smallest person, my littlest boy, my Cuddlemonster.


  1. Good luck for tomorrow “one small step for a boy, one huge leap for Mom”

  2. Aisling

    Awww that was a lovely little touching write up Nicola ❤ hopefully everything will go well for you and your little man tomorrow

  3. Aww Nicola! I’m sure hes going to love it. The next phase for you both. xx

    1. Thanks Louise 🙂 He thoroughly enjoyed his first day, said he’ll go back again lol

  4. Aw, it’s tough to see them moving on. Our transition to preschool has been difficult but I think it’ll be worse for me when the youngest starts! Hope you’re enjoying a bit of time to yourself.

    1. It is, I was so anxious about him, he’s the one who has been with me the most, I think having a little comrade in his sister definitely helped. The time will prove invaluable I’m sure!

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