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Long Hat is A Hero

‘For all the little heroes making their place in a turbulent world’

Written by Josina Intrabartolo and illustrated by Dinie de Zeeuw, ‘Long Hat is a Hero’ reaches out to highly-sensitive children with a powerful and uplifting story that equips them to set forth into the world with gusto. Published by Scrivo Media, the book and its associated franchise became a runaway success in its native Netherlands. It’s now finally hitting the shelves in the UK, and already has critics writing, “The story is sweet, funny, accessible and encouraging, and is a helpful story about tolerance for all children”.


Gnome Long Hat lives in a magical village far away from where real people live. Most of the time he is a happy little gnome, but, sometimes he gets scared, tired, angry or upset.

He speaks with his friend Little Owl and explains to him that he wishes he was like all the other gnomes so they wouldn’t call him names. Little Owl explains to Long Hat that it’s perfectly okay to find things scary and to experience all of the other feelings the little gnome endures.

When Woody the baby Woodmouse goes missing Little Owl picks Long Hat as one of the gnomes to help find him as he can sometimes hear and see more than the others. Long Hat is very proud, and a little nervous too,  to have been chosen. When he finds Woody he is very proud again. The other gnomes cheer Long Hat, he is a hero.


About the Author:
The author, Josina Intrabartolo, is the mother of three highly sensitive children herself. She created Long Hat because she wanted to let children know that there is nothing wrong with being highly sensitive. Through her books she hopes to encourage children to be their beautiful selves. 

Long Hat has been colourfully illustrated by Dinie de Zeeuw and translated by Amanda van Mulligen (founder of Happy Sensitive Kids).



 I must admit, I love this book. As a parent to a highly sensitive child, this book gives great insight to the feelings of the child and will also be instrumental for me when it comes to explaining High Sensitivity to my youngest children.

The book also has an introduction to High Sensitivity at the back which like the story gives a very good understanding and explains in child-friendly terms about overstimulation and the importance of respecting a highly sensitive child. As we saw in the story the gnomes who didn’t ‘get’ Long Hat called him names, which I’m sure happens in the real world too. If all of us had a better understanding of High Sensitivity there may well be fewer instances of name-calling and exclusion.


I’m sure it’s obvious at this stage that this is a book I would recommend, not only for households where there is a highly sensitive child but perhaps all child bookshelves and school libraries too. The main issue aside, this is actually a beautiful book with lovely illustrations and a really nice, feel-good story.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of Long Hat is a Hero for the purpose of this review which is my honest opinion.


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