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My ‘Baby’ is Two

Today saw the first of the children’s birthdays for 2015. Our not so little boy, the youngest of our gang, my baby is another year older. It always amazes me how quickly time goes by; one minute we’re holding a helpless little baby and the next he’s a boisterous little boy, running amuck, climbing on furniture, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake and looking at you with the most adorable brown eyes and the cheekiest of smiles.


Harry Cuddlemonster, Handsome Harry, Hurricane Harry, our lovely Harry is 2.


We decided we wouldn’t have a party and  having being bombarded with toys at Christmas we kept his presents small.That may seem a bit like there was little effort made but really, we don’t need parties, big toys or copious amounts of sugar laden treats to have a celebration. This was Harry’s day, there were huge smiles and cuddles, lots of cuddles; and of course cake!


When it comes to birthday cakes, I’ve always let my children choose what they would like from our nice cookbook collection and I would do my best to deliver. However, when you’re approaching your second birthday, decisions such as what cake one would like are even more simple. The older children asked Harry what kind of birthday cake he would like, he responded quite simply, ‘Sam Cake’

Since the arrival of Netflix into our house he has become quite a fan of Fireman Sam! With two seasons and a movie to watch he has a constant supply of Fireman Sam and I could quite possibly take on any of the roles should the current voice overs decide to retire lol!

We are currently going through a bit of a lifestyle change in the Simply Homemade home so I was a keen to make a reasonably health(ish) cake for this birthday as his is one I still have some control over. Now I know birthdays are only once a year and it probably sounds incredibly boring to want to make healthier alternative cakes, but trust me the recipes I chose do not compromise on flavour, they are still sweet but refined sugar does not have a role on any of the recipes.

For his main cake, I chose a recipe I have made a number of times before, Donal Skehan’s Dark Chocolate Mud Pie. This is a delicious, moist, gluten free cake. I used coconut sugar in place of the caster sugar. This was topped with a healthier homemade version of nutella; I used Ella Woodward’s recipe for that which can be found here. The look was completed with his beloved Sam, a topper I got from Topcake Ireland.


The end result was quite successful, though admittedly I could have taken the cake from the oven 3-5 minutes sooner than I did, but it was still moist, incredibly fudgy and a big hit with everybody, in particular the birthday boy who in all his excitement at seeing Fireman Sam on it gleefully poked it with his chubby little fingers!


I also made some cupcakes. The recipe for these can be found in one of my favourite books, The Extra Virgin Kitchen by Susan Jane White. Again these are gluten free and high on flavour. I’ve made them quite a few times now and they have become a firm favourite with us all. These too were topped with the aforementioned nutella and some Fireman Sam rice paper toppers that I also got from Topcake Ireland.


Harry was absolutely thrilled and we were treated too delightful chants of ‘Sam, Sam, Sam’ followed by the one sentence he sings at the top of his voice though we are quite possibly the only people who understand it! ‘Sam is the hewo next dooooooooor’ 😉


We had a lovely chilled out day with our little boy, we even got some nice photographs of him with his Irish twin; for the next four weeks and three days, himself and Abbie are both two. Irish twins, just like Caoimhe and Jack before them.

Abbie & Harry, my lovely little Irish twins
Abbie & Harry, my lovely little Irish twins

So there we have it, my last baby is not really a baby anymore though for as long as I can get away with it, I will continue to call him that, my baby. Sinéad over at Bumbles of Rice wrote this lovely post, Celebrating the Day we Became Parents, where she makes a wonderful suggestion, children’s birthdays, particularly those of your first born can be celebrated as Mammyversaries and Daddyversaries, a genius idea. Now obviously as I mentioned already, Harry is our last born, the last little baby to join our family, the last time we felt like new parents all over again, because no matter how many babies you have, for each one, you (or certainly I did) feel like a new parent. So later tonight, when Harry is tucked up in his cot, wearing his new Fireman Sam pyjama’s, Mr. Simply Homemade and I will have a glass of wine and celebrate, a Daddyversary for him and a Mammyversary for me. (And we will toast Sinéad too for a brilliant idea, it needs to become a thing!)

Happy 2nd Birthday to my beautiful boy x
Happy 2nd Birthday
to my beautiful boy x


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  2. Aw lovely post. Happy birthday to your little one. My youngest is 13 on Thursday, and I can’t believe it. My eldest is 23. It has whizzed by in a moment, and this week it will be difficult not to feel nostalgic.
    The party will feature cake, and sweets with nothing healthy in sight I’m afraid, but your writing almost tempted me to change.

    1. Thank you Tric. Time does whizz by, my eldest is almost 15, I’m not quite sure how or when that happened lol 😉
      Have a wonderful party, in all honesty, I cannot imagine the older half of my gang having a party without sweets and a cake adorned with sugar fondant either.
      And when the nostalgia hits, pour a glass of wine, it’s great for everything!

  3. Such a lovely post! Happy birthday Harry

  4. Harry is a beaut! I love the idea of making the cakes indulgent but healthy, I must try those recipes. I’m planning low key for our next kids birthday – he’ll only be turning 3 but his 5 year old brother is already discussing the “party”! Poor child will have his expectations dashed!

    1. Thanks Jill, he is, a monkey but a gorgeous one!
      The cakes were delicious, how many birthdays I’ll get away with doing it for I don’t know but I’ll be determined!
      Our next birthday will be a 3rd one too and here yesterday didn’t I catch the 10 year old making ‘party plans’ with her……..another one who’s expectations will be dashed!

  5. Happy birthday to your little man! Those cakes sound, and look, delicious.

    1. Thanks Val 🙂 They were delicious, hard to believe they’re not bad for you…..just what we like 😉

  6. Awh he is adorable!! Happy Birthday Harry!

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