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Everyday White Bread

I make brown bread and soda bread regularly however when it comes to white bread, mine is just never quite as I like it. Kevin however seems to just have a knack for it and his white bread turns out perfect every time. Having cooked many different recipes and used many different method he has found what suits him which …

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A Celebratory Supper

Kevin & I were 11 years married last week. On one hand it seems a lifetime ago since we got married, on the other it’s like it was only yesterday. Time  goes by so fast, and we face many trials & tribulations but it’s fair to say the good times far outweigh the tough ones. Although it was our anniversary, …

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Apple, Blackberry & Pear Crumble

While out for a walk this morning, I couldn’t resist picking some lovely blackberries from the hedgerows. I had some apples and pears in the fruit bowl, so how better to use them than in a crumble! Ingredients 200g Blackberries 200g Peeled & chopped Apple 200g Peeled & chopped Pear 1 Tablespoon Water 1 Tablespoon Caster Sugar 1 Tablespoon plain …

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Proud Mammy Moment

Obviously, I am very proud of all three of my children, however I’ve got good reason to be extra proud of my daughter Chloé today. When Easy Food magazine posted a request on Facebook looking for Junior cooks she expressed an interest in applying as she enjoys baking and helping out in the kitchen, so we contacted them and she …

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Tea Brack

I love Autumn, strange as it may sound. If it’s cold it’s ok, we expect it to be, evenings are getting darker and cosier, the lawn has a blanket of crunchy brown leaves, we’re no longer living in hope that Summer will be here tomorrow! And, of course, Autumn arriving is a great excuse to bake tea brack! There is …

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