My Mam’s Brown Bread

This is my Mam’s Brown Bread recipe, she made this every week without fail and there was always a few loaves in the freezer. No matter what events were occurring in the local community, be it the local field day, a fundraising bake sale or a charity coffee morning, she always got requests for her bread. Ingredients (for 2 loaves) …

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Baking, Cupcakes


Cupcakes, buns, fairy cakes, whatever you prefer to call them, are a favourite in our house. Some like them plain, some like them with butter cream, others as delicate Butterfly Cakes, but this time I decided to smother them in chocolate. I use the same recipe my Mam used & my children love to help bake these, as I did …

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Baking, Cakes

Easter Sponge Cake

You know those days where you just need cake? Today was one of those days, so cake it is. Easter Sponge Cake to be precise. I found this recipe in an old notebook that my Mam used to keep. She would cut recipes from magazines & stick them into it. This one was among them. Cake Ingredients  4 Medium Eggs 185g Caster …

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Chit Chat

A Quick Hello

I’ve been neglecting my blog the last couple of weeks with all the wonderful sunshine we’ve had. On the plus side though alot of weeds have been removed from the jungle I refer to as ‘the garden’ 🙂 And on a rather exciting note, we are in the process of getting our very first vegetable patch started. We are super pleased …

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Muffin Madness

    My husband arrived in from work this morning & smiling, informed me that he told his work mates he would bring muffins back this evening for them all to have with their tea!!! So off we went on a muffin making drive, making Chocolate Muffins, Peanut Butter Muffins & Almond Muffins Muffins – Each Mix makes 12 Muffins …

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