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Simply Homemade Christmas Cards

Having returned to blogging this year after a baby break, it struck me today that my Christmas posts this year have a common theme running through them……..toddlers!! When I started blogging, my older children were all in school and the main focus of Simply Homemade was food,  the addition of a couple of unruly toddlers to the Simply Homemade home has in turn see the blog family as well as food focused, such is my life now.

So why not share our latest homemade offerings with you!

PicMonkey Collage

Christmas cards, lovely to give, lovely to receive, however, a couple of years back I made the decision to stop posting so many cards during the festive season, the exceptions being those abroad and old friends. The cost of posting is crazy, and very hard to justify at a time of year where expenses are at such a high for families. I do hand deliver some Christmas cards and the children give cards to their godparents. A lot of time would be spent by the children selecting the right card for the recipients, so this year we decided to really make the cards personal. We give a lot of homemade gifts anyway, so why don’t we make our own Christmas cards too??

Fingerprint Wreath and baubles


The children were all excited at the prospect of doing this and it was another task that they could all partake in together, in fact the whole family got involved with this one 🙂

Sponge Merry Christmas baubles


So with eager children ready to get started, off I went to the land of great ideas….Pinterest! If you’re not familiar with Pinterest, it is the corner of the internet that is home to just about everything! No matter what you are looking for ideas for, Pinterest will be able to help you.


As you can see from the photographs, we settled on mainly fingerprint cards, these are so simple to do, the toddlers needed some help and had so much fun. We did paint their feet and turned them into robins, Harry thought this was very funny, Abbie however said she didn’t like that bit and didn’t want anymore paint on her feet! They both loved making their handprint Christmas trees on the cards and paper and the table……

PicMonkey Collage crds

Making the Christmas cards this year is the start of a new tradition for my family, one that hopefully we will continue to do for many years. The following card is my favourite, it features all of our thumb prints, and is such a simple design, I love it.

Our Reindeer Family

This card is currently en route to New York where I know it’s recipient will be thrilled to receive it.

It’s an absolute pleasure sometimes to get stuck in with the children and produce something lovely from an evening of fun & laughter, it may be seen as more hard work than picking up a box of cards in the shop, but somehow I hope think these will be far more appreciated.

I guess in a sense it’s going back to basics, we know Christmas has become extremely commercialised but that doesn’t mean your Christmas has to be, at least not all aspects of it.


  1. Great idea. These are the things they will always remember, not necessarily all the presents they will receive.

    1. I think so too Tric, my gang are all quite arty and love doing this kind of stuff and love looking back on things they’ve made before. I’ve a treasure box (well, cardboard really 😉 ) of things they’ve made since my eldest started playschool!

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