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Vegan Tea Brack

Barmbrack, Báirín Breac or Tea Brack is somewhere between a fruit cake and a tea bread. The Brack is a traditional Halloween bake that would have small items, such as a coin to represent wealth, a piece of cloth to represent poverty, a ring to represent marriage, wrapped and stirred into the mix before being baked. Nowadays store bought bracks tend …

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Autumn Decor

I’m not a huge fan of Halloween but my children love it and see it as a great chance to decorate, dress up and eat shite sweets. I do however love Autumn and the whole atmosphere that comes with it, so with that in mind, I do get on board with the children and encourage their inner creatives. I bought …

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Chit Chat


I love October, this is the time that really signals the arrival of Autumn and with Autumn comes cooler days leading to cosy evenings, warm bowls of soup, comforting crumbles, splashes of deep orange, pumpkins, fireworks, apples and of course Halloween. Every day the garden adopts new shade. Most of the flowers are going to sleep until their time to …

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Almond Pumpkin Cakes

 Pumpkins are synonymous with Halloween as we carve a myriad of faces into them, light them up and celebrate our artistic abilities. They are also a super nutritious vegetable, packed full of antioxidants and essential minerals; and incredibly kind to waistlines!! This is a delightful Autumnal recipe. I only started baking with pumpkin last year, how silly of me, I would encourage everybody who likes to …

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