Banana Bread Tiramisu

Happy New Year! It’s New Year’s Day, a day where in the Simply Homemade home we chill out with the children, look ahead to 2017, drink bubbly drinks and eat delicious food! You may have seen a recipe floating around via Buzzfeed before the festive season for Banana Bread Tiramisu. It looked quite nice so I earmarked it in my …

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Easy Chocolate Cake

Late last year I had the pleasure of attending a European Cookery demonstration with a good friend in aid of her daughter’s school. The chef on the night was Emmet Maher, head chef in The Brandon House Hotel in New Ross, Co. Wexford. Along with a starter of Stuffed Cabbage and Beef Goulash main course, he cooked this  delectable Easy Chocolate …

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Cookies & Crème

Caoimhe recently suggested that we have dessert on a regular basis. I suggested that they all eat the entire contents of their dinner plates on a regular basis. Dessert wasn’t mentioned again. Today however is a big day for Caoimhe, this evening, along with 51 other pupils from her school,  she will participate in the 3rd Wexford Youth Orchestra Festival …

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Saucy Berries

One of the easiest & quickest, though maybe not as quick as my Blackberry Jam, things to make with freshly picked berries is a nice, versatile coulis or sauce or whatever you want to call it 😉 Once you’ve picked & washed your berries, simply pop them in a saucepan with a handful of chopped, pitted dates and a little …

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