Easter Muffins

I have mentioned before that we have a tendency to celebrate many occasions within our home with cupcakes! I have also mentioned that we are endeavouring to live a healthier lifestyle and I have to say, we are succeeding, we have made excellent, albeit gradual changes, changing everything over night would indeed lead to rebellion! When the children asked me …

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Hot Cross Buns

Caoimhe: Oooh, what are you making Mam? Me: Hot Cross Buns Caoimhe singing: Hot cross buns, hot cross buns, one a penny, two a penny, hot cross buns! Guess what song’s stuck in my head today? I have bought quite a few hot cross buns over the years, however I have never made any, until now! It’s shameful really when …

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Easter Sponge Cake

You know those days where you just need cake? Today was one of those days, so cake it is. Easter Sponge Cake to be precise. I found this recipe in an old notebook that my Mam used to keep. She would cut recipes from magazines & stick them into it. This one was among them. Cake Ingredients  4 Medium Eggs 185g Caster …

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