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Spooky Cakes

We didn’t make any plans for today, which was just as well as both boys are under the weather. Luckily, Netflix is on fire at the moment with its offerings for all the family so while the boys chill on the couch watching Lego, the fairy put plans for the afternoon into action. She’s told them in no uncertain terms …

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Vegan Tea Brack

Barmbrack, Báirín Breac or Tea Brack is somewhere between a fruit cake and a tea bread. The Brack is a traditional Halloween bake that would have small items, such as a coin to represent wealth, a piece of cloth to represent poverty, a ring to represent marriage, wrapped and stirred into the mix before being baked. Nowadays store bought bracks tend …

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The Cursed Halloween Costume!

I logged onto Facebook this morning; my timeline was full of adorable kids heading out to school dressed up for Halloween and my 11 year old has gone to school annoyed with me because he isn’t dressed up nor does he have a costume to change into. Now before you think, ‘ah the poor child’ and ‘what kind of a Mother …

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Halloween on Netflix

I have to admit, in my younger years I wasn’t all that pushed about Halloween, I could take it or leave it. However with five children who love it, it is hard not to get caught up in the excitement of it now. And who doesn’t adore all those cute pumpkins?! The cool dark evenings that arrive with the holiday …

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