The Simply Homemade Mum


My girl is now five. She is smart, she is strong, she is funny. Her smile is infectious, it lights up the room. She adds colour to the dullest of days, A breath of fresh air in the warmest sunshine. She laughs and plays, her giggles are contagious. She is little but fierce, brave and feisty too, With the kindest heart …

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Chocolate Cake

My smallest girl is turning 5 this week and wanted a birthday cake to bring to playschool to share with her friends. We are very lucky that her playschool is so accommodating and always on board with these little things and it’s a great way to include all of the children in celebrations. With that in mind, I decided to …

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And Now He Is 4

Thursday morning, 21st February 2013 We opened our hearts to our smallest boy He hugged us right back rewarding us both With mountains of love, oceans of joy. He’s no longer quite small, Is growing quite fast, now he is four Clever, independent, funny My little boy,  a baby no more. Cheese, peppers, cucumber too And pancakes, bacon, especially toast, …

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