Gorgeous Granola

 This granola features in my #betterbreakfasts and it is, I think, the nicest granola I have ever made. I wanted a granola that the children would eat, so I had Caoimhe on board in deciding what would go into it. It isn’t packed full of different things, but it is simple, tasty and nutritious. I wasn’t sure how it would be …

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Sweets for my Sweet

I know I said in my previous post that we don’t go out of our way celebrating Valentine’s Day in the Simply Homemade home and we don’t, BUT, lets not forget it is an excuse to indulge in chocolate! So with my heart thinking only of Mr. Simply Homemade and not of me at all, I set about creating up something …

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Baking, Bread

Fruit Bread

Whilst flicking through cookbooks this morning before getting stuck into a day of bread making, I decided I’d add the Apricot & Walnut Bread from Tana Ramsay’s, Real Family Food, to my list. On closer inspection of the cupboard though I realised I didn’t quite have everything I needed but I’m not one to let a few missing ingredients deter …

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