Banana Bread Tiramisu

Happy New Year! It’s New Year’s Day, a day where in the Simply Homemade home we chill out with the children, look ahead to 2017, drink bubbly drinks and eat delicious food! You may have seen a recipe floating around via Buzzfeed before the festive season for Banana Bread Tiramisu. It looked quite nice so I earmarked it in my …

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Baked Oats

Yesterday morning the children were having pancakes for breakfast.While I was cooking them I made up two mini casseroles of oats and things for Mr. Simply Homemade and I for our breakfast. I put them in the oven so they’d be ready when I’d dished up the pancakes. When I took them out they looked and smelled delicious, so as …

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Chit Chat, Healthy

Sugar Substitutes

In a recent post I spoke about sugar and me; and why we have greatly reduced the amount of refined sugar in our diet in the Simply Homemade home. Sugar has also of course been very prevalent in the media. I have to be honest, in my opinion, I do believe that the majority of the bad press sugar gets is justified. …

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Baking, Cakes

Rhubarb Loaf Cake

I love rhubarb don’t you? I’ve been buying the most delicious bunches of it from the wonderful Kates Farm Shop here in Wexford. Three bunches, which weigh roughly a kilo,  for €2…..super good value for fresh, local produce. I love to make a compote to have with yogurt or on my porridge. It’s hard to beat a lovely crumble too. …

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