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Simply Homemade is 4!

You may recall the 15th of March as it was Mother’s Day, however, it was also the day that Simply Homemade turned 4 years old. Now I’ve said that, I have no doubt you are wondering to yourself; really? Yes, it is, Simply Homemade was born in 2011, starting slowly, it was a means of sharing recipes initially, then I discovered …

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Celebratory Cupcakes & A Note of Thanks

The children suggested we have celebratory cake this evening in honour of this little space on the internet. Yesterday, the finalist list in the inaugural Irish Parenting Blog Awards was announced and Simply Homemade is there in the Best Homespun Blog category. To say I am shocked and overwhelmed is an understatement. I am extremely grateful to those of you who …

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Summer Scones

I have mentioned before how I like to give the children homemade snacks in their lunchboxes as much as I can. One of the things I regularly give them is a scone, I tend to make a batch almost every week and pop them in the freezer, leaving them out overnight & putting them into the lunchboxes before the kids head out …

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Easter Muffins

I have mentioned before that we have a tendency to celebrate many occasions within our home with cupcakes! I have also mentioned that we are endeavouring to live a healthier lifestyle and I have to say, we are succeeding, we have made excellent, albeit gradual changes, changing everything over night would indeed lead to rebellion! When the children asked me …

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Glenisk Chicken Curry

As I mentioned previously the Irish Parenting Blog Awards  are happening on the 25th April. One of my favourite brands, Glenisk are the headline sponsor of the awards. To celebrate their sponsorship of the awards they are running a great competition for bloggers. I did submit this entry already, which was a delicious treat I made with Abbie & Harry, then …

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