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Spooky Cakes

We didn’t make any plans for today, which was just as well as both boys are under the weather. Luckily, Netflix is on fire at the moment with its offerings for all the family so while the boys chill on the couch watching Lego, the fairy put plans for the afternoon into action. She’s told them in no uncertain terms …

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Chocolate Marble Cake

Caoimhe, my 11 year old, absolutely loves to bake. At the moment her ambition is to have her own bakery. Being 11, I am aware she may change her mind, but, I really hope she doesn’t and as long as I encourage her and nurture her dream, there is a good chance it will stay and fingers crossed, come into …

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Breakfast, Healthy

Peanut Butter Pancakes

I’ve had a couple of requests for this recipe since my Mini Chef & Baker Boy made them with me on Snapchat (  for breakfast the other morning. This recipe is actually adapted from the Blueberry Pancake recipe in the Slim with Tina book by Tina Murphy, which the children are big fans of…..minus the blueberries!! It’s another great recipe for …

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