The Ultimate Pancake Post

Next week sees Pancake Tuesday roll around again. I’m not going to share a recipe for pancakes this year. Instead, I’ve compiled all of my pancake recipes to date in one place – I say to date as we have breakfast pancakes all year round so there will be more. Just click on the images to be taken to the …

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Lemon & Ricotta Breakfast Pancakes

Breakfast pancakes are a staple in our house. We have many different varieties, many days of the week. Not everybody eats all of the different varieties, and that’s okay. Lately, I’ve been experimenting some more as I felt I was overdosing on banana’s; these were the basis for so many of our breakfast delights. Along with Sweet Potato pancakes which …

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Fairy Cakes

One cannot possible have a fairy party without including ‘Fairy Cakes’,  I did make these cakes last year, however I have made some slight little changes to the recipe this year with much more pleasing results. Ingredients 50g Plain Flour 50g Ground Almonds 1 Tsp Baking Powder 100g Butter, softened 2 Eggs 50g Honey Grated Zest of one Lemon 1 …

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