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Pizza Puffs

I try to provide my children with a little variety in their lunchboxes so as they’re not eating sandwiches every day. Don’t misunderstand me, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with sandwiches, and there are many weeks where they have some sort of sandwich all five days, but I have one boy who won’t veer beyond jam between his slices of bread …

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Chit Chat

Our Lunchboxes

I don’t do the lunch box tips posts that appear every August. I’ve never found them particularly helpful. I know what my kids eat so I know what not to put in. What I am going to do instead is show you our lunchboxes for the week. My children always have a good lunch, however, I have a dreadful habit …

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The Happy Pear Banana & Walnut Cake

Last year saw some changes take place in the Simply Homemade kitchen, we started eating an awful lot healthier than I felt we had been, we ditched anything that had a ‘low fat’ or similar label, plastic margarine containers were replaced with simple packets containing healthier, tastier butter and where possible sugar was replaced with honey or maple syrup. This year, as …

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Bringing Bread Back

Bread gets a bit of a raw deal these days, which is a shame, as it’s been a staple in Irish homes for centuries now. While I completely agree that white flour can play havoc with a person’s digestive system, I myself would feel extremely bloated after it, it’s worth noting that there are other options; spelt flour for instance …

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Homemade Cereal Bars

Cereal bars are a handy addition to any lunch box, a great snack for that little break at 11am when the kids are hungry and feeling a little sluggish but it’s not yet lunchtime. The cereal bars that adorn the supermarket shelves in their brightly coloured boxes are very expensive and really not very healthy, though I can assure you …

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