The Simply Homemade Mum

My Week in Pictures

You may have noticed I had no ‘What Caught My Eye‘ on the blog on Sunday. Fear not, the feature hasn’t disappeared, I have! Last week was super busy, and I didn’t have the laptop on much, the iPad was used to select Netflix shows and my phone was simply a means of keeping in contact (oh and a camera, …

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Greener Living

Reduce Waste with a Humble Can

There are many cans in my larder press, beans, coconut milk and quite a few of chickpeas. I’ve mentioned in a recent post that we are making a conscious effort to live a little greener. With that in mind, I’ve taken to being absolutely certain that I have no other use for things before they are discarded to the waste …

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Chit Chat


I love October, this is the time that really signals the arrival of Autumn and with Autumn comes cooler days leading to cosy evenings, warm bowls of soup, comforting crumbles, splashes of deep orange, pumpkins, fireworks, apples and of course Halloween. Every day the garden adopts new shade. Most of the flowers are going to sleep until their time to …

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Art/Craft for Children

Love Lives Here

The tween has extended her crafts to the garden, much to my delight. I mentioned previously that we have a lot of stone in our garden from a cottage that was here previous to our home being built. Caoimhe has taken one of those stones and transformed it into a beautiful piece of craft that is now sitting pretty on …

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