Home Style

Hallway Makeover

The Simply Homemade Hallway received a much needed makeover, making it now a warm pleasing space for everyone who is welcomed in our home.   Our hallway was long overdue a makeover. Actually, most of the house is!! I had great intentions a couple of years ago. We painted most of the rooms white, bringing it back to basics. The …

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What Caught My Eye

What Caught My Eye #3

It’s Sunday, which can only mean one thing. It’s time to see what caught my eye this week. In our house we don’t define between girls things and boys things, everything is equal, so I was quite saddened to read the results of a study which reveal “By Age 6 Girls Are More Likely To Think “Genius” And “Brilliance” Are Male …

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Art/Craft for Children

Love Lives Here

The tween has extended her crafts to the garden, much to my delight. I mentioned previously that we have a lot of stone in our garden from a cottage that was here previous to our home being built. Caoimhe has taken one of those stones and transformed it into a beautiful piece of craft that is now sitting pretty on …

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