Autumn Decor

I’m not a huge fan of Halloween but my children love it and see it as a great chance to decorate, dress up and eat shite sweets. I do however love Autumn and the whole atmosphere that comes with it, so with that in mind, I do get on board with the children and encourage their inner creatives. I bought …

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Almond Pumpkin Cakes

 Pumpkins are synonymous with Halloween as we carve a myriad of faces into them, light them up and celebrate our artistic abilities. They are also a super nutritious vegetable, packed full of antioxidants and essential minerals; and incredibly kind to waistlines!! This is a delightful Autumnal recipe. I only started baking with pumpkin last year, how silly of me, I would encourage everybody who likes to …

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The Pumpkin Virgin!

The supermarkets are awash with pumpkins as Halloween is fast approaching. Believe it or not, I have never cooked a pumpkin, we’ve carved many and had them sit upon our doorstep, but I’ve never cooked anything with one, so I have decided to rectify this. I couldn’t decided on something sweet or savoury to start so I let Mr S/H …

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