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Pizza Puffs

I try to provide my children with a little variety in their lunchboxes so as they’re not eating sandwiches every day. Don’t misunderstand me, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with sandwiches, and there are many weeks where they have some sort of sandwich all five days, but I have one boy who won’t veer beyond jam between his slices of bread …

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Scones, Refined Sugar Free

A draft of this post has been sitting here since last November, 6 months!! That’s shocking, I have no idea why I haven’t published it, it’s a great recipe, one I’ve had numerous requests for lately, particularly since mentioning them when I had Afternoon Tea recently. I make these scones every week to go in the children’s lunchboxes, they like …

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Claudi & Fin – A Review

   I am always on the lookout for healthier snacks and treats for my children. When I read food labels I am often astounded by the amount of added sugar in so called ‘healthy’ foods marketed towards our youngest consumers. With the mild Spring weather finally adorning our shores and hopefully leading a glorious Summer, I will be looking to …

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