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In my world January isn’t really the beginning of the year, it’s there just to bridge the gap between December and February. It tends to be dark, dismal, bleak and of course, we’re all broke! It is the absolute perfect time to indulge in some serious Netflix bingeing with candles glowing,  fairy lights twinkling (lights are not just for Christmas you know!) and the stove keeping me warm.

So what is it that we have been watching?? Sit back and let me tell you!!

Have watched:


Call The Midwife Series 1-4

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I have watched all four seasons of this fantastic BBC drama. Set in 1950’s London, this is narrated by Vanessa Redgrave and based on the memoirs of Jennifer Worth. We follow the day to day lives of the nuns and midwives of Nonnatus House, a nursing convent. Touching on so many issues such as miscarriage, abortion, religion, racism, prejudice, homosexuality, alcoholism, disease, contraception and so much more, I was hooked from the first episode.

Poldark Series 1

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Be still my beating heart! This is another one I didn’t see on the regular telly box ‘cos these things are never on at a time that suits (yay Netflix!) Oh my word, he this is a feast for the eyes! Ross Poldark returns to Cornwall after the American Revolution to discover his father has died and his love is engaged to his cousin. He rescues a young girl, Demelza and hires her to works as a kitchen maid for him. He’s determined to help the local people as much as he can and bring his father’s mine which is in ruins back to life. Highly charged, emotional, aesthetically pleasing; this is one for your ‘must watch’ list!


Gone Girl

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This psychological thriller stars Ben Affleck who plays Nick Dunne, husband to Amy, played by Rosamund Pike. On their 5th anniversary, Nick arrives home to discover Amy has disappeared. What unfolds is an intense media circus where Nick soon comes under suspicion.Through various flashbacks we learn that their marriage wasn’t all sunshine and roses, Amy was an extremely clever lady and Nick is not such an innocent party…….Really enjoyed this.

Sing Street

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Dublin in the 80’s, with a brilliant soundtrack, what more do you need from a movie? A recession has hit the 80’s, Conor has to leave his private school and go to the inner city public school instead.He meets cool girl Raphina and invites her to be in his band’s music video. Then he has to form a band with the lads, call himself Cosmo and immerse himself fully into writing songs and shooting videos. A brilliant coming of age film.

The Family

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Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Tommy Lee Jones; that cast alone is good enough reason to watch this. Robert De Niro is Giovanni Manzoni, a mafia man. He and his family are relocated to France under the witness protection program. It’s clear from the offset when they arrive at their new home with a body in the boot that this will not go to plan. A good, easy to watch movie.



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This documentary sets out to explore human happiness and is one everyone should take time out to watch. We hear real life stories that make us stop and think. Among others, we meet a rickshaw driver in India who is at his most happy when he sees his family at the end of a long day. This film really struck a chord with me and you probably won’t be one bit surprised to hear that the people who had less in the way of material things were the happiest.

Live and Let Live

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I watched this with my daughter. She has been thinking for some time now about becoming vegetarian. Live and Let Live examines humans relationship with animals and what prompts some people to choose veganism. It was very interesting, in particular hearing from the restauranteur who was a butcher and is now running a highly successful vegan restaurant.

Currently Watching:

Sherlock Series 1

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Dr John Watson, Sherlock Holmes. Helping  Scotland Yard solve a serious of mysterious crimes. Eccentric and enthralling.

The Tudors Series 1

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I have watched the Tudors before but am thoroughly enjoying it again. Henry VIII and his millions of wives, a really brilliant show.

Peaky Blinders

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A gangster drama set in the 1900’s in Birmingham. I’m struggling a bit with this one but Mr. Simply Homemade is enjoying it so will stick with it another while.

As a member of the Netflix Ireland Stream Team I have received complimentary Netflix membership and in return will be featuring Netflix related blog posts. All opinions are my own!


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