10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Thank you to The Beautmum for tagging me to do this post, 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me. These are great little posts for helping you the reader, get a better picture of the person behind the blog, they are also great if you have a bit of writer’s block going on!


Where did you have your first kiss?

On the lips I should think!! Actually, I’m going to be very romantic  and say that the first that meant the most was with my now husband on the night we met in a local hotel.

If you could pick a male celebrity to have a date with, who would it be & why?

Gosh, I’m not sure, this is something that would probably change regularly. At the moment I would love to chat to Damon Gameau about his latest documentary, That Sugar Film. If you’re not familiar with him he played Geoff in Raw, so ya know, a wealth of knowledge and easy on the eye too 😉

Photo Credit: That Sugar Film
Photo Credit: That Sugar Film


What was your first car?

I don’t drive myself, but my husband’s first car was our first ‘family’ car and that was a little Nissan Micra that we bought in 2000, small car, small family…..nowadays our car resembles a small bus!

Did you pass your driving test first time?

Despite not driving I have actually done a driving test! I should explain a little, I am petrified of driving, it really is a genuine fear, I know where it stems from and I really need to try and overcome it. Some years back I did find the confidence to go and get lessons and even went so far as doing the test. I was incredibly nervous, the tester did nothing to ease my nerves, he reminded me of a very angry Mr. Bean! Not long into the test I realised the handbrake wasn’t working on the car. I finished the test anyway, sick with nerves and unsurprisingly failed it spectacularly!! It did absolutely nothing to help my issues and my fear seems to be worse now than ever.

Which would you choose for a night out a comedy night/live band ?

It would depend on the humour I was in. Sometimes there is absolutely nothing like a good laugh, other times it would be lovely to chill out and enjoy a good band. I’m not very good at making decisions am I?

What is your shoe size?


Chocolate or alcohol?

Oh you see I’d have to be a bit greedy here. There is nothing as nice as some dark chocolate washed down with a glass of red wine, ideally a nice Australian Shiraz…my feckin’ mouth is watering now!

Open fire or heating?

Open fire, or in my case a stove, it is just so cosy. For years we didn’t have an open fire and I have to say I really missed it, we put our stove in last year and I absolutely love it. I hate being cold, this summer has been dreadful and when we were all sick a while ago I had my stove lighting!


What do you do to relax?

Not enough! That might sound like I’m being quite flippant, but I’m not, I am totally serious. Since the arrival of our last two children, I have completely forgotten how to relax. I have my blogs but I think most fellow bloggers would probably agree that blogging, whilst it is a most enjoyable hobby, it isn’t really relaxing, your mind is working all the time, it isn’t a means of switching off. I keep telling myself I need to make time for me but it has yet to happen.

What would be your perfect night out?

Getting dressed up and heading into town with Mr. Simply Homemade, a couple of drinks somewhere followed by dinner in our favourite restaurant, which I believe is the best restaurant in Wexford, Warren Gillen’s Cistín Eile. Then we would check into a hotel for the night instead of going home to settle the little people who refused to go to bed because their naughty Mummy & Daddy left them for a couple of hours!!

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6 thoughts on “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

    1. Thank you, is it strange of me to say it’s a relief to know I’m not alone in my obscure fear! Aside from my husband, people tend to make very light of it which can be upsetting if I’m honest. There is nothing like a nice glass of Shiraz, have you tried Barefoot (Tesco have it), it’s my current favourite 😉

  1. Nissan Micras are the business; was my first car too. And I hear you about people making light of fears. I am petrified of flying (even though i fly regularly). If I hear one more person tell me there is more chance of dying in a car crash I swear to god i will run them over myself!

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