Valentine's Day

14 Free Ideas for February 14


Valentines Day does not need to be about grand gestures and breaking the bank. One does not need to spend lots of money to show their love for someone. Love is not monetary.


Here are 14 ideas for February 14th  that won’t cost a thing!

  1. Make your own homemade card. If you have children, get them involved in this too.
  2. Make a little book of vouchers e.g This voucher entitles you to a foot massage. This voucher entitles you to breakfast in bed.
  3. Have some time alone. This is invaluable, but also difficult if you have kids and will, therefore, mean the world if you can get the kids to bed early and sit down together and talk.
  4. Bake some chocolate treats to share together.
  5. Plan a romantic meal. You don’t need to be a whizz in the kitchen to do this, a favourite dinner, a candle lighting and a glass of whatever you like. Set the scene and enjoy.
  6. If you can get time during the day, fill a flask with tea/coffee, add a box of pastries/cupcakes, wrap up warm, grab a picnic blanket and head to the beach.
  7. Does your other half bring lunch to work? Add a little love note to the box, it will be a lovely surprise.
  8. Make a list of all your significant songs on Spotify, cosy up in front of the fire listening to them and remembering different times they represent in your lives together.
  9. Do an A-Z of things you love about your partner, make it quirky and funny so you can have a good giggle over it.
  10. Go for a walk together. Get out there, hold hands and ramble through the woods, along the beach or wander down streets you wouldn’t normally venture to.
  11. Get the popcorn and the candy out and watch a movie together.
  12. Spend the day together in your pyjama’s, simply enjoying each others company.
  13. Dedicate a day to your other half. Eat their favourite foods, do the things they like to do. Make it *their* day.
  14. Kiss, hug, flirt, laugh! Remember why you got together, what keeps you together, how much fun you have together and how much you love one another.


Whatever you do, or however you celebrate Valentine’s Day, whether it’s a couple’s day, a family day, a friends day or simply Tuesday, don’t forget to love you too!!



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