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Sadhbh over at the beautiful Where Wishes Come From has set up a wonderful linky that takes a look back at blogging moments and highlights from 2014. I’ve decided to take part, it’s nice to look back and 2014 was quite a turning point for me in blog land.

1. A Turning Point

Some of you may not be aware that I actually started Simply Homemade in 2011, however the arrival of Little Miss Abbie in 2012, the fairy who never sleeps, followed swiftly by Harry Cuddlemonster in 2013, quickly saw the blog take a very back seat for a while. As 2014 approached I decided to make more of an effort to get back to what I considered a quite enjoyable hobby, however it was hard to get motivated sometimes so I thought about it and wrote about why I blogged, why I’d started, who motivated me at the time and it certainly helped to get the blogging ball rolling again, and gave me back something that was just for me, my little place on the interweb to escape to.

2. A Post of Pride

Our daughter has Asperger’s Syndrome or as it is more commonly referred to now, ASD, an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Back in April, which is Autism Awareness Month, she wanted to honour Blue Nose Day which was part of the fund raising efforts for Irish Autism Action, so she donned her Blue Nose and we made blue cupcakes. As a naturally private young lady, having her photo posted on social media and having me blog about something so personal to her was a very big step and and an exceptionally proud moment for me and her Dad.


3. Most Popular Post on Simply Homemade

In November I brought Chloé & Caoimhe to Donal Skehan’s Kitchen Hero Live show. We had a lovely afternoon and I blogged about it. It became the most popular post of the year, actually since Simply Homemade was born! An excerpt was even read on Ian Dempsey’s breakfast show on Today Fm. Obviously this says more about Mr. Skehan’s popularity than my little blog, but I was chuffed none the less!


4. Moving Virtual Home

This blog actually started here on blogger but earlier in 2014 we made the big move to WordPress where we’ve settled in quite nicely.

5. The Most Popular Photo on Instagram

This was a bit of a surprise if I’m honest, but then the virtual world is full of little surprises! The most popular photograph on my Instagram, despite the many photos of my very lovely children, was this one, of Mince Pies, mind you, they do look good! 😉


6. My Favourite Photo

This photograph didn’t actually feature on any blog posts, it was only taken on Christmas Eve, it is however my favourite photograph from 2014, mainly because I don’t have many photo’s of all five of my children together, making this one to treasure.


7. My Favourite Post

To be honest I don’t think I have a favourite post as such but one I did enjoy doing was after a trip to Cork and really my reason for choosing this one isn’t even about the post content but the memories and how happy the children were to be away. We haven’t been fortunate enough to go away anywhere for the last few years so when we told them we were going to Cork for a few days they were thrilled, the weather didn’t really play ball but they didn’t mind too much, they were just so happy to be having a holiday of sorts.

8. Irish Parenting Bloggers

I have always found the blogging community to be a very supportive one, however this year I was warmly welcomed into the Irish Parenting Bloggers group and that support has risen to a whole other level. It is an amazing group with a wealth of knowledge, bloggers from all corners who write about parenting, work/life balance, beauty, food, life etc and all with one major thing in common, we are all parents, all on a journey, all understanding.  I feel honoured to be part of such a group, and am delighted to have found some great blogs with extremely talented writers and crafts people behind them. Please take time to visit the Irish Parenting Bloggers facebook page and the directory; and become acquainted with these super blogs.

9. The Precious Post

I’m referring to this as the precious post and parents will understand completely why! In August Mr. S/H and I were fortunate enough to get a night away, yes, a night away, child free!! We decided to go to Tinakilly House, it is a  beautiful place, we enjoyed our stay immensely and would definitely return if the opportunity ever arose.

Me & Mr. S/H
Me & Mr. S/H

10. Common Posts

Taking the time to look back over the blog for 2014, I do post a lot of muffin & bread recipes, I make these a lot. Muffins for the children’s lunch boxes and bread for general consumption. You can’t go wrong with a loaf of soda bread and as your children are happily devouring slices of it, you will be transported back to your childhood kitchen and your Mum or Granny making it for you!


11. Some of My Favourite Kitchen Creations from 2014

Untitled design Untitled design (1)

12. My Co Bloggers

This year two very special little people featured heavily in my blog posts,  Abbie & Harry. If they see me go to the baking press at all now, chairs are pushed across the kitchen and aprons are demanded, they love getting stuck in.

003 009

13. The Fun Blog Posts

Following on from number 12, we have the fun blog posts, I can’t say if Simply Homemade is taking a new direction, the heart of it will always be family cooking, however, when it started the bulk of my cooking was done when my older children were in school, nowadays I am joined daily by two very enthusiastic toddlers. Along with the older children we had some great fun participating in activities that became blog posts in the run up to Christmas. We made Christmas Cards, a Gingerbread House & a Chocolate Biscuit Christmas tree among other things. I’ve no doubt for the moment, it will probably continue this way, particularly as the Mini Chef got a lovely new apron from Santa!!

14. What I Got Out of Blogging in 2014

Satisfaction. Enjoyment. Headspace.

It’s not always easy being Mammy, particularly to the littlest people,  and all that goes with it, days can get stressful, sleep deprivation can get you down, days can seem very long, a lot of the time it’s like they run into each other and it’s hard to know what day it is at all. This is where my blog has really helped me, it’s where I get to combine my love for cooking with my love for writing, it’s where I get to be someone other than Mammy, the voice behind the words. Becoming a member of the Irish Parenting Bloggers group has introduced me to a while new host of fellow bloggers and for that I am very thankful.

I look forward to what 2015 has in store for Simply Homemade.

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6 thoughts on “14 from 14

  1. Great post! Thanks for taking part in the linky. Your recipes look gorgeous and, as I have my own pair of mini-chefs in the making I’ll be exploring them a lot more in 2015! I love your favourite photo – what a gang of cuties you have! And I’m very impressed that they are all actually looking in the same direction. I find that hard to achieve with just two children!
    Happy 2015 to you all xx

  2. Thanks for the shout-out to Irish Parenting Bloggers Nicola. We’re glad you joined us!

    By the way, I totally understand about your blog taking a back seat when the babies were small. I am in awe of anyone who can keep churning out posts while sleep deprived. I certainly can’t! But I console myself that a day will come when we’ll sleep soundly again and there’ll be plenty of time for blogging!

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