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Before looking forward to 2016, I am joining Sadhbh over at Where Wishes Come From and looking back at 15 blog moments from 2015.

1-Most Popular Post 

The most popular post on Simply Homemade for 2015 is a recipe for Banana & Walnut Cake from the Happy Pear cookbook. There isn’t a day goes by when this isn’t hit upon. It’s understandable, it’s a delicious cake and the Happy Pear guys are a popular duo. *Note to self…..Publish more Happy Pear recipes!*


2-The Post I Never Thought I’d Write

I never thought I’d see the day when I’d be writing this post, Sshhh……She’s Sleeping. After more than three years of little to no sleep from my favourite fairy, we finally turned a corner and four months later I am delighted to assure anybody who may be considering contacting Niamh O’Reilly or purchasing her book for much needed advice, that the fairy still sleeps!

3-Most Popular Instagram Photo

My fairy girl dressed as a ‘kind’ witch for Halloween.


4-Best Blog Moment

2015 saw the arrival of The Irish Parenting Blog Awards. I was thrilled to find myself in the final of the Best Homespun Category (see the shiny badge on the right!!), which the gorgeous Emily over at The Nest won and deservedly so. I did go on to win the Glenisk Competition,which was run in conjunction with the awards, with this recipe for muffins. Mr Simply Homemade and I enjoyed a lovely weekend in Cork as a result!



5-My Favourite Social Media App in 2015

Instagram, I really enjoyed sharing photo’s, snapshots of what’s happening right here, right now and of course looking at everyone else’s photo’s.


6-One of My Favourite Posts

It’s hard to choose one favourite post from all that are written, however, this one stands out for me as it signalled another first with one my precious children, when my fairy girl started playschool, This is The Girl, my little girl.

7-Best Blog Party

We had many little parties this year (it’s worth noting that in our house, cake alone often means party!!) Many of these little parties were also featured on Simply Homemade. I couldn’t choose just one because there were two that the children still talk about. Abbie was absolutely thrilled, having asked for a long time, when we finally had a Fairy Party for her.


Just when we thought all was lost during our rather miserable summer, Netflix sent us a complimentary Treasure Chest of Dragons: Race To The Edge goodies for the purposes of a screening party. The children were delighted and declared it one of the highlights of their summer. They had such a fun filled afternoon as a result of that treasure chest.


8-Post of Pride

This years post of pride is considerably different to last years. Back in June I hosted my first ever linky post, entitled A Healthy Start-#betterbreakfasts. I’d spent the first half of the year overhauling our family breakfasts and then blogged our progress. I am proud of the post, extremely grateful to all my fellow bloggers who linked up with their fabulous recipes and suggestions and most of all delighted with the changes that have taken place at our breakfast table* (*Though the Christmas day breakfast requested this year was Chocolate Monkey Cereal…..I was disgusted, the children argued, it’s Christmas, a time for treats, I lost the argument……I guess I can’t win them all!)

9-My ‘I’m Not Really Sure What I’m Doing’ Moment!!

I had a bit of a wobbly blog moment, where I wasn’t sure if everything I wanted to write ‘fit’ with Simply Homemade and so I set up a second blog, The Simply Homemade Mum, then I had another wobbly moment and I thought ‘D’ya know what? I am what I am, I’m not two people. I write what I write, my style of writing is the same on both blogs. This is who I am’. And so, I merged both blogs and here I am, me, with my one blog, my recipes, my crafts, my thoughts, my children, my life, all as one, all as it should be.

10-Kitchen Creations From 2015

food152 food151

11- Favourite Comments

I am extremely grateful for every comment, like, message, tweet, retweet that I receive and I take none of them for granted. What I also love and found myself getting alot of this year, was feedback. People taking the time to tell me they tried a particular recipe and liked it, sending me photos of my recipes that they’d recreated. That’s just brilliant and so much appreciated so more of that please, I love to see what you’re making and baking!!

12-Favourite Freebie

It’s always a privilege to be asked to review various products and this year we reviewed many lovely things such as Slim with Tina (course and book, which I still use weekly!), the gorgeous Freddy Buttons books (which we read numerous times a week) and my beloved Netflix (my personal favourite, I wouldn’t be without it!!)


13-Favourite Craft

We loved making these Fairy Wands for Miss Abbie’s Fairy Party. They were super simple, extremely pretty and much loved.



I was joined, yet again this year on many occasions by my Mini Chef and Baker boy; and this year saw a bigger in put from my second daughter Caoimhe (she even did her own review!) and having received a cookbook and a chocolate bar maker no less from Santa this year, I suspect we’ll be seeing alot more of her on Simply Homemade.

15-Favourite Blog Series

Many bloggers have a regular linky running weekly or monthly, inviting other bloggers to link up with a similar themed post, I don’t take part in these regular link ups, I’d never be that organised!! No I prefer less regular or the poignant ones, such as The Busy Mama’s #ReadFeelAct Blog March. I really enjoyed Bumbles of Rice #WeekinDinners series & Life on Hushabye Farm’s #LoveyourCookbooks linky, as well as my own #BetterBreakfasts of course. However, for the sheer feel good factor and seeing the incredible talent among my fellow bloggers, my favourite of 2015 was Where Wishes Come From #CraftAdvent2015, it was an honour to take part and I enjoyed every single post.


2015 was, in blogging terms, extremely good. When I needed a welcome distraction, this little space has been here for me and when I needed a break to concentrate on myself and ‘real life’, it waited like a warm hug until I was ready to embrace it again.

Thank you all for clicking, reading, commenting and (hopefully!) enjoying Simply Homemade and wishing all of you wonderful readers, followers and much loved friends a very happy 2016 filled with peace, love, good health and fine wine!!

For more blogger recaps on 2015, click on the fabulously cute image below which will take you to our hosts page and all the other posts.

Linky Badge 2015

6 thoughts on “15 From 15

  1. Thanks so much for joining in with the linky, Nicola, and for making it your own! It’s a great read. I think you made the right decision keeping your blog all in one spot. It’s like a little treasure trove of ideas now, which is my favourite kind of blog!

    Thank you so much for the kind words too xxx

  2. Love your blog as you well know Nicola. Can’t wait to see what 2016 holds for the simply homemade home and I don’t care – come hell or high water – this year I WILL get back down to the sunny sout east for a visit xxx

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