2000 – There was much hype around the year 2000, it was of course the Millennium year so it was an exciting time, the turn of the century, the dawning of a new era.

A slice of life in 2000…..

Bertie Ahern was Taoiseach.
We were buying in pounds and pence.
In fact, you could go out for a couple of drinks with a fiver and have enough for a packet of 10 cigarettes…..if you were that way inclined.
House phones were all the rage, though mobiles were becoming popular. The weight of a brick, the Nokia 6310 was the mobile of choice for most, leaving the 3210 in it’s wake. I’m pretty sure the numbers represented how many pounds these phones weighed!
Geocaching began in the U.S.
Dvd players, despite being around for a while, really only started to replace video players in 2000. They were a lot pricier than they are now too!
Britney Spears, The Backstreet Boys, Eminem, S Club 7……the charts were overflowing with pop music.
Tiger Woods won the U.S. Open.
It was a great year for movies, we had Toy Story 2, American Beauty, Erin Brokovich, What Lies Beneath and, one of my favourites, Perfect Storm
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the 4th in the Harry Potter series, was published.
House prices were on the rise with the average house costing just under £125,000.

In June of that year Ronan Keating was singing about Life being a Rollercoaster, Tyrone & Maria got engaged in Corrie, Mel & Steve were having trust issues in Eastenders and Glenroe was going into decline. Neither real nor important.

Closer to home, bags were packed, ankles were swollen, due date had passed. Anxiety levels were high. This wasn’t a soap opera or a song. Despite the books I’d read, the appointments I’d sat through, how would I know if I was ready.

Was the car seat the right one? Is the house clean enough? Is the space around the steriliser clear and germ free? Have I got enough nappies? Are those the right nappies? Is that changing table ok there? So many questions, only one answer. Everything was fine.

On June 14th, 18 days passed a due date, at 9.00 am on a Wednesday, life changed forever. I became a mother, Mr. Simply Homemade, a father. We became parents. We had a baby, a little girl, our daughter.

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New songs have been written, shows have ended, shows have begun, countless life events have occurred but nothing has compared to that first for us and nothing really prepares you either.

Despite the books, the appointments, the (not always wanted) advice, you learn through practice, more reliable than any book is your instinct. Instinct is something you don’t know is there until it kicks in and nothing is more reliable than a Mother’s instinct. Trust it and use it, it will get you through many battles!

The Simply Homemade Mum

17; 17 years as Mum.


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7 thoughts on “17

  1. This is so sweet Nicola, I hope your girl had a lovely birthday.
    I am slightly startled at what is 17 years old and what is only 17 years old! And you’ve just made me realise I’m with himself for 17 years now. Now I feel old 😉

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