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Why Do I Blog??

I always enjoyed baking and would often help my Mam out at home. She baked something almost every day and Saturday was of course, baking day, tarts or buns as we called them then, had to be made; she used to fill the biscuit tin with shortbread biscuits and Oat Cookies, a recipe I could never find after she passed away and no matter how many times I’ve tried, I have never replicated it.



Much to my shame now, when my older children had their early birthdays, I would buy their cakes and then one year I decided it was just ridiculous to be buying something I could probably throw together myself and I have never bought a cake since. Now the weeks prior to birthdays, it is not uncommon to hear the birthday child call from the table, ‘Mam, I think I’ll have this one’ as they rummage through the cookbooks to find the perfect cake.   Image


As time has progressed and the children were getting older I became far more aware about what I was feeding them, they were all weaned on fruit and vegetables, soups, casseroles etc, surely this was the way to keep going and so my love of baking, turned to savoury side as well.



When someone would ask for a recipe I would simply write it down and pass it on, then somebody else would and I’d do the same again. I was listening to the radio one day and Ray D’Arcy was chatting to one of Ireland’s most well known bloggers, Lily Higgins. I wasn’t really all that familiar with blogs at this stage, but I logged on to hers and loved it, a wealth of foodie information and recipes in one place.


Sometime after that again I was writing another recipe on a piece of paper and I thought back to the blog and I just figured that would be a much easier way to share any recipes and so I started the blog.


I wasn’t sure what to call it, I was just cooking simple, homemade fayre, and therein lay the name,

Simply Homemade was born.


I enjoy it and I’ve learned so much from other bloggers too.

There is a super community of bloggers in Ireland with fantastic, inspiring blogs from Nessa Robins, Caitríona Redmond, Donal Skehan & Lilly Higgins, to name just a few.


I have favourite things I like to bake, as anyone who is a regular reader will no, I have a bit of a cupcake addiction, luckily the addiction is making them and not eating them, lol!


As I went on to have two more children, the blogging has taken a very far back, back seat but now at the ripe ages of 27 months and 16 months, the toddlers can play together, well ok, pull the house apart, and I will, hopefully, become a more frequent visitor to my little page.


See you soon!











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