I Do it Mammy!

Our two year old, Princess Abbie; or sometimes Pirate Abbie, or Doctor Abbie, depending on the cartoon of choice for that day; has decided she’s also my Mini Baker.

Mini Baker

As soon as she sees a bowl on the counter or a bag of flour being removed from the press, she looks for her apron, drags a chair across to the counter and up she gets, declaring, ‘I help you Mammy’

Yesterday I had a list of things I needed to make, but Abbie, with a bit of prompting from the older children you can be sure, declared she wanted to make biscuits.

And so, to keep a sweet little girl happy and ensure the rest of my day went smoothly, that’s what we did.

I had my copy of Wholesome sitting on the cookbook stand, so as a change from the usual shortbread, I decided we’d make Caitríona’s Simple Cookies.

Wholesome is the debut book, from Irish Food Blogger, Caitríona Redmond. It’s a fantastic book in which Caitríona details how we can feed our families well, for less, a concern for many Irish families at the moment.

As a mother of 5, with a shopping budget that has to stretch, this book has become a most welcome addition. Caitríona is a savvy cook and shows how a few little changes can save you money and have you eating healthier, for example, I never would have thought to use dried beans before, I haven’t bought a tin of baked beans since buying this book, Falafel is a regular on our meal plan, 1 year old Harry in particular loves it, Caitríona has reminded us of simple breakfast’s we would have had as children, Abbie has a particular fondness for Guggy eggs nowadays and Mr Simply Homemade is waiting for his Soda Farls.

With a wealth of money saving tips & tricks, a wonderful selection of healthy recipes and some tasty treats too, Wholesome has something for everybody.

Get your copy here, today!!

Now back to Mini Baker & her biccies!!


With a bit of help from Caoimhe, Mini Baker Abbie gathered the ingredients together, very happy in her role as ingredient announcer for the moment and so we got on with preparing the dough.

It seems only right that I list the ingredients as they were called to me, however I shall include them as Caitríona has them in Wholesome.


Butta (125g butter, softened)  004

Shugga (125g Caster Sugar)

A Egg (1 Medium Egg)

Anilla (1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract

Hower (250g Plain Flour)

Howder (½ teaspoon Baking Powder)


* Cream the butter & sugar together until light and fluffy, keeping one eye on what you’re doing and another on the mini baker looking after the egg, very important task

* Help the Mini Baker break the egg into a small bowl and then let her pour it into the butter/sugar mix for you. She will feel like a budding Rachel Allen & your heart will swell with pride as she looks at you smiling and says, ‘I did it Mammy!’ J

* Beat in the egg until the batter returns to it’s fluffy state, add the vanilla, beat a little more.

* Pass the bowl back to Mini Baker, place the sieve over it and let her sieve in the flour & baking powder. Help her give it a little stir before beating it in properly.

* Wrap the mix in cling film and pop it into the fridge for three hours. I actually put ours into the freezer and just sliced it and let Mini Baker Abbie place the dough slices on the baking tray before putting into the oven. A very important task! You can however divide it into ping pong size balls instead.012

* To bake the cookies, pre heat your oven to 190C, line a baking tray with parchment, space the cookies evenly on the tray, bake for 8 minutes if fresh or 12 minutes from frozen, until golden brown.


* Remove from the oven and cool on a wire rack.



By the time the cookies were cooked and cooled Abbie had fallen asleep, it’s tough work being a Mini Baker, so she has yet to taste her work, however, the older children have made a pretty big impression on the biscuit tin and Mr Simply Homemade has requested a bit of melted chocolate over what he declared as a grand biscuit altogether!!




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