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Feeling Fruity First Thing!


I like, but don’t often get, a calm start to my mornings, you know the sort, waking at your leisure, sipping away on your green tea coffee whilst preparing a simple breakfast.

I’m not interested in a huge big breakfast and I was never a fan, much to Mr. S/H disdain, of the Full Irish!

No, I like a nice healthy, often fruity breakfast.

Peaches are plentiful at the minute and who can resist something peachy first thing!


Morning Peaches

Ingredients – Serves 1 WP_20150305_001

1 ripe Peach

1 tsp Coconut Oil

1tsp Coconut Sugar (or Honey)

50g Natural yoghurt, I like Glenisk Organic

1 tbsp Milled Linseeds

A handful of Blueberries



Cut the peach in half, removing the stone

Melt the coconut oil in a pan, add the peach cut side down.

Leave for a few minutes until softened, before turning over

Sprinkle the cut side with the coconut sugar & turn over again for a few more minutes,

Served topped with the natural yoghurt, sprinkled with milled linseeds & blueberries.







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