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Save me from Going Potty!

This week saw the start of operation Potty Training.

Little Miss Abbie

It’s not something new to me, Abbie has an older brother and two older sisters. I probably blocked out the memories of previous training though, it’s bloody stressful isn’t it. We got up full of enthusiasm at the beginning of the week, confident that things would click with her very quickly, she’s being displaying alot of the ‘signs’ already.

We hit our first hurdle on day one, before we started, when the tasmanian devil Harry grabbed the potty, fecked it hard thew it across the floor, splitting it in two!

We decided we’d continue but hit another hurdle when the little fairy that is Abbie was petrified of the toilet. The potty was replaced by evening with a cheap one Mr. S/H bought, convinced it would probably meet the same fate as the first one!

Day two we were still enthusiastic, well I was….a bit, Abbie declared the potty ‘hurt her’ when she sat on it, she was a reluctant customer. Frustration was setting in, ‘accsisents’ 9 – potty 2, hardly the result I was after.

Day 3 another new potty, Minnie Mouse no less! A little more enthusiasm from Miss Abbie, but still nothing clicking in, I didn’t keep count of the misses but we’d two hits, the bottle of disinfectant was nearing the end, but there was wine on the rack, all was not lost!

Today was day 4, Miss Abbie was still not getting it, however, Mammy (me 🙂 ) was getting to clean it up, from everywhere bar the potty. By evening bold Mammy got a bit annoyed when after refusing to sit on the potty, we had another ‘accsisent’, Miss Abbie said sorry, Mammy felt like shite, the guilt!

Then she asked for a nappy, I said in a minute, kept this up, until she went and got the nappy herself and asked for it to be put on!

She’s not ready, so we’ll wait a week or two and try again. In the meantime I have wine, though Im not sure wine alone is enough after that few days. I need something more.

This Raw Cacao Nib Toffee from Susan Jane White’s, Extra Virgin Kitchen, will make the perfect accompaniment to a delicious bottle glass of red wine.


1/2 cup Date Syrup

3 tbsp extra virgin Coconut Oil

340g light Tahini

3 tbsp Raw Cacao Nibs  WP_20140906_002

2 tbsp Carob Powder (cocoa will do)

2 tsp Vanilla Extract

Pinch sea salt flakes

Makes 30 pieces approx.


Line a rectangular container, or whatever container you have (lunchbox, tupperware box etc) with cling film.

Melt the date syrup and coconut oil together over a low heat. Add the remaining ingredients and mix everything together quickly with a fork. Taste and adjust the seasoning as you like it.

Transfer to your lined container and leave in the freezer for four hours before cutting into squares or whatever takes your fancy and scoffing with pleasure.

Store in the freezer, as it melts quickly.


 Conclusion, my one top tip for potty training: Wine (or your beverage of choice) & something indulgent!



2 thoughts on “Save me from Going Potty!

  1. I am your virtual potty-training buddy 🙂
    My little guy is very enthusiastic at times, but then an hour later just says “No, I wear nappy” and that’s it. We had a lovely success this evening, swiftly followed by an accidental potty-tipping incident, which kind of took the good out of it 🙂


    1. I think after the few days we’ve had Abbie will be back in her nappy and we’ll take two next week.
      In the meantime, I shall consume wine and ponder my next move with her, or maybe just consume more wine 😉
      Best of luck with your little man 🙂


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