2015………..Let’s be Havin’ Ya!!

I’m not really a New Years Resolution person, I don’t make them, if I did I wouldn’t keep them!

However, for various different reasons, 2014 wasn’t the greatest year, so this year I have one aspiration ………… for 2015 to be simply better, for me to be simply better at the things I do, to achieve things I didn’t achieve last year.

Therefore I’m kickstarting the year with two things, a jar and a book!!

A strange combination you may think? Let me explain.

The jar, inspired by the lovely Fiona at Dolly Dowsie, is our 2015 ‘Happiness Jar’. When good things happen we will write them on a piece of paper, fold it and place it in the jar and on New Years Eve we will look back on all the nice, happy days we had and forget about the bad ones.


The book is this one, ‘Slim with Tina’

Photo Credit: Tina Murphy, Slim with Tina
Photo Credit: Tina Murphy, Slim with Tina

With clothes feeling a little snug after the lovely, relaxing festive season, it’s time to get the lb’s moving again.

On Monday I start the Slim with Tina Kickstarter course, a four week course that covers a wide range of topics to see you on your way to a healthier lifestyle. You will find details of the course here and the kindle or hardcopy editions of the book here.

I’m really looking forward to starting this course, with weekly emails and a Facebook support group, I’m sure I will gain a wealth of valuable information and hopefull lose a few lb’s along the way!

Stay tuned here where I will be sharing my thoughts on the course and how I am getting on with it.

I have received a complimetary place on the Slim with Tina Kickstarter course for the purpose of a review. All thoughts on the course are my own, honest opinions.

7 thoughts on “2015………..Let’s be Havin’ Ya!!

  1. Sorry to hear you hadn’t a great 2014, I hope you have a much better 2015. Love the jar idea and best wishes with ‘run with Tina’.

  2. Your jar looks lovely Nicola, love the ribbons you added to it. I hope it’s full at the end of the year for you. Best of luck with the course too, I must check it out as I need to lose a few pounds this year myself – not just from my purse either! 🙂

    Fiona @

    1. Thanks Fi! Caoimhe was thrilled putting the first thing in on Friday 🙂
      Oh I need all the luck I can get, it’s very hard to get motivated this year, I’m the same, losing the pounds from my purse quicker than anywhere else!!

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