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Slim with Tina, An Update

As we come to the end of week two with Slim with Tina, I must admit I am impressed.

Photo Credit: Tina Murphy, Slim with Tina
Photo Credit: Tina Murphy, Slim with Tina

I went into this program with an open mind. It is after all something very new to me, a course to teach me how to eat well without promising me I’m going to lose 24lb’s and as many inches in a few weeks. There is no mention of the word diet and I can embrace healthy fats and ditch the low fat crap!

This is real, real food for real people in this real life.

With the ‘diet’ industry bombarding the population with false promise after false promise, Slim with Tina is like a breath of fresh air. It is back to basics, sugar free cooking, with a healthy attitude towards food; but this is not the sole focus.

I like Tina’s approach. The group on Facebook has become this wonderfully supportive little community. Tina is far from the stern ‘fat club’ leader ready to pounce if you admit that you may have had a bar of chocolate during a stressful afternoon! Instead, she is understanding and encouraging; and sharing a wealth of knowledge with us.

It can be quite an emotional place, the Slim with Tina support group. We are really forced to stop and think. We are not only looking at the food we eat, but also the how’s and why’s that have lead us to make the choices we make. And of course, we are looking at ourselves. These are all very important aspects of changing your lifestyle.

If you genuinely want to change your lifestyle, eat real wholesome, nutritious food that does not eliminate important food groups, then I would suggest that this course is for you.

I am now eating nicer breakfasts than ever before, and bigger breakfasts, packed with the nuts and seeds I love, fresh berries and spoons of delicious full fat yoghurt. The ‘food guilt’ that goes hand in hand with dieting has all but disappeared. Bread as part of my lunch is not sinful! (it is however homemade spelt bread and very healthy!!) Dinners are delicious and nourishing. This is food for a healthy lifestyle, no tricks, no gimmicks.

Should you wish to find out more about Slim with Tina, please visit her website here.

If you would like to learn a little more about Tina herself, she featured in the Irish Examiner this week, check out her interview here.

For anybody who is trying to lose weight and not really feeling it, this blog post that Tina wrote a while ago is really worth a read.

Tina’s Blog Post; Why Losing Weight is Hard

Also head over to fellow blogger Jazzygal to hear how she is getting on with Slim with Tina’s Kickstarter Course.

If you feel the course may not be for you but you are interested in Tina’s concept, I would encourage you to get a copy of her book, Slim with Tina. This book is written from experience, it is not a weight loss book, it will encourage the reader to develop a healthy relationship with weight loss and more importantly, yourself.  I will be providing a detailed review of the book very soon, but as it stands, it is a book that I would not hesitate in recommending to anybody. I personally am finding it invaluable as I commit to living a healthier and happier lifestyle.

I have received a complimentary place on the Slim with Tina Kickstarter course along with a complimentary copy of Slim with Tina for the purpose of review. My thoughts on the book and course are my own honest opinions


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