Pork Burgers


Mr. Simply Homemade and the children all enjoy the odd burger, I’m not such a fan so when they appear on our weekly menu, Mr. S/H cooks them.

Ideally he would add fresh herbs and vegetables such as onion, chilli, grated carrot etc; however when he does this, our fussy eater in particular, will spot the vegetables and refuse to eat the burger. So, for these burgers he concentrated on spices for flavour and dressed the burger with some lovely salads.

They were a huge success, I overheard our daughter declare them as the best burgers her Dad as ever made! High praise indeed.

Ingredients for 8 burgers006

500g Pork Mince

100g Breadcrumbs

1 tsp each of Dried Parsley, Sage, Onion Granules, Dried Chopped Garlic & Paprika

1/2 – 1 tsp Chilli Powder & Cayenne Pepper

Sprinkling of White Pepper


You could do these in a food processor but then you have to wash it so instead bung everything into a bowl, get your hands into it and work everything together.

Divide the mix into eight equal(ish) pieces (by all means weigh the mix and divide it evenly if you wish, Mr. S/H went by eye)

Shape each eighth into burger patties. Preheat a little rapeseed oil on a pan and cook the burgers until they are golden brown on one side and then turn over . Ensure they are piping hot and cooked through before removing from the pan.

003 002

Serve in a nice fresh burger bun/bread roll with whatever you like with them.


Mr S/H had rocket, mayonnaise, cheese, onion & tomatoes. The children were less adventurous with theirs, however they all ate them, so they will definitely be appearing on the weekly menu again!


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