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The Irish Parenting Blog Awards

The Irish Parenting Bloggers group is a hive of activity and excitement these days.

You see, the 25th of April will bring a host of talented bloggers to Dublin for the first ever Irish Parenting Blog Awards!


The organising committee have done an amazing job, Lisa over at shares more insight as to how the Irish Parenting Blog Awards have come about and what has gone into organising them.

The dedication shown has been outstanding from the logo design, the phone calls & emails, organising the venue, keeping us fellow bloggers up to date and it has paid off. They have gathered a host of  brilliant sponsors including Glenisk, My Kidstime, One4all, Blacknight Solutions and Superhands baby sign language.

It promises to be a great night for Ireland’s parenting blog community.

And now for the exciting bit, nominations for the awards opened yesterday.

The categories are:

  • Parenting blog of the year
  •  Best post of the year
  •  Best Newcomer
  •  Best Homespun blog
  •  Best Personal blog
  •  Most Entertaining blog
  •  Best Writer
  •  Inspirational Blogger
  •  Most beautiful blog
  • Best Special Interest blog

As you can see there’s a great selection of categories to cover the wide range of blogs within the Irish Parenting Bloggers community.

If you would like to nominate me or any of my fellow bloggers for any particular category please head over to the nominations form where you will find out more about each category and get to make your nominations.

Alternatively click on the shiny new ‘Nominate Me’ badge over on the right hand side of this page 😉

Thank you!


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