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Hello, come in, the kettle’s just boiled!

Welcome to The Simply Homemade Mum Blog, hopefully you know me from Simply Homemade, if you don’t, do please check it out! It’s my first blog home, and this here is our new addition.

Simply Homemade (1)

I started The Simply Homemade Mum as I had so many other ideas floating around that I wanted to write about, but I really felt they wouldn’t ‘fit’ over on Simply Homemade. I had mentioned over there that I felt it was changing direction somewhat, there is so much input from my children, and rightly so. However the main focus of Simply Homemade has always been family food and I’d really like it to stay that way, so after much deliberation, we are moving some of our thoughts and activities over here on our little sister blog.

I toyed with the idea of a second blog just before last Christmas, but shelved the idea again; after Christmas decided  that yes I would go ahead with it, then just as quickly moved it to one side on the ever expanding shelf in my mind.Then, following a recent contribution from Caoimhe, and a request from her to do some more ‘guest blogging’ I decided that perhaps the time had come to just go for it.

And here we are!! I want to keep a connection between the two blogs, hence the name The Simply Homemade Mum. We have a Facebook page, I’d be delighted if you would pop over there and give us a like and of course we are on Twitter, where for the moment, both blogs will be under the one umbrella, @SimplyHomemade_

I hope you enjoy sharing our little thoughts and fun times with us here 🙂

Nicola x


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