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Tormented by the Toddler

The title says it all doesn’t it? My precious last born has me utterly tormented…….he’s coloured everything. The cupboard doors, the walls, the doors, the window board, the window, the sofa, the tv unit; it would actually be easier list what he hasn’t coloured. Every time I think I have all the crayons another one appears. I am, from here on in, banning crayons!

The tv unit, framing the photo doesn't improve it!
The tv unit, framing the photo doesn’t improve it!

I should be scrubbing the big bold blue crayon ‘mowmen’ off of everything but I’m fed up. It’s easier have a cup of green tea and virtually shop for nice new things that aren’t awash with garish, swirly crayon hallmarks from an enthusiastic young artist.

How lovely, not a crayon mark to be seen, so much nicer than my abused tv unit.

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Photo Credit:


And sure while I’m here, this dresser would make a lovely addition to my dining room.

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:


Some prettiness for my new dresser!

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:

These would soon hide crayon on walls & sofa’s.

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:

And I’ll just grab this while I’m here, isn’t it gorgeous?

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:

I’m really getting into this now! It’s great fun, oh hang on, my cup is empty………may go scrub then 😦



8 thoughts on “Tormented by the Toddler

  1. Get the Flash Magic Erasers they take everything off they walls, I even got pen off the kitchen chairs with them!! Like magic!!

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  2. My twins are 5! And they still doodle, behind the sofa and draw little ‘x’ signs to mark the treasure. It drives me daft. We also have two dogs, so between the 4 of them my walls are destroyed. Last week I got a bucket of water and scrubbed the entire hallway. It’s looking slightly better but really it just needs to be painted again. *sigh*

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