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Kitchen Goodies from TK Maxx

TK Maxx opened their doors on Paul Quay in Wexford last week, providing a much-needed boost to the south end of the town. I popped in there last Saturday afternoon when we had brought the children into Cream Dreams (located on the quay) for some yummy ice creams, Miss Abbie wasn’t having any of it however, we went for ice cream not to shop!!

Then I read Danielle’s post on Lilliwhiterose, admired her purchases and felt very hard done by indeed!! So off we went Monday morning and, thankfully, it was a much more successful excursion.

I bought the following which have taken up residence in my kitchen quite happily.


I needed a new can opener, it drives me nuts when I can only get something that comes in a can with no ring pull, I’ve been through many cheap can openers and an electric one, which wasn’t worth the money. This seems good, it’s weighty, which I like, so hopefully will last. I also needed a new slotted spoon, my kitchen wouldn’t function properly without one, this too, as you can see is the same brand as the can opener, and therefore good and heavy. I’m hopeful these will both last a long time. They were €6.99 & €5.99 each.


I was chuffed when I came across the Cath Kidston mugs. I love Cath Kidston and I did have a lovely red polka dot mug that met an unfortunate end a little while ago, it has now been replaced with this one, I love it. It was €5.99.


I love pretty side plates, I also have no desire to have a full set of matching dinnerware and am known to just buy random, but lovely, plates. I almost squealed when I spotted this, isn’t it charming. Many slices of cake will sit happily upon this treasure and it was only €2.99, definitely the bargain buy of my little haul.


Last but not least, I love notebooks, I use them for recipes, blog notes and ideas; and of course lists. This is a Kirsty Allsop notebook and I will most likely use it for recipes….maybe! This was €6.99.

I have no doubt TK Maxx will do very well in Wexford, now if Next, Debenhams and  Marks & Spencer are listening, Wexford is thriving, it’d be a shame for you not to join the party 😉


8 thoughts on “Kitchen Goodies from TK Maxx

  1. I loved that your plates were all mix and match when I was at yours it gave a lovely tea party feel. I might have to go back and pick up some plates. The notebook is gorgeous. xx

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  2. I love buying kitchen bits and pieces in TK Maxx! I’m lucky to work next door to the Cork one and regularly pick up a bargain there. I used to think everything should match but now I love it when there are bright clashing plates on the table.

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