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You may recall, there was a ‘best family friendly recipe’ competition hosted by Glenisk in conjunction with this years Irish Parenting Blog Awards. This muffin recipe was the chosen winner. I was delighted. Mr. Simply Homemade’s wonderful niece, straight away, offered to stay with the children to allow us to have a much needed break away. We booked the Oriel House Hotel, Ballincollig, in the lovely Co. Cork.

We left early Friday afternoon, awash with Mammy & Daddy guilt, as our cuddlemonster had protested to us leaving. However, a text 10 minutes later to tell us he was fine eased our guilt and so we were very happily on our way to freedom for a couple of days. I’d forgotten what it was like to go somewhere in the car without the children, it is a very different experience.

We stopped to grab a bite to eat in Dungarvan, I have longed to visit The Tannery for some time now and this was the perfect opportunity. We certainly started the weekend on a high, the food was exceptional, you can read more about our visit here.

A feast for the senses in The Tannery
A feast for the senses in The Tannery

Once we were back in the car it was straight on to the hotel, which is quite impressive. The reception staff were very welcoming and friendly. The room was spacious and spotless, as was the hotel itself.

So what do a normally stressed out Mammy & Daddy do, when they find themselves child free in Cork on a Friday evening?? Now now, stop that!! Tut….we head to the pub of course!! Sheer bliss, we’re not pub goers, so this was a real treat. That night, after having such a wonderful lunch, we opted for something light in the hotel bistro, it was ok, nothing special, but filled a gap.


Saturday morning we were up quite early, breakfast was very good, lots of choice, catering for everyone. We decided we’d head out to Cobh and wander around there for a bit. We’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for this charming little town.

Pretty Cobh
Pretty Cobh

After spending some time here it was onto Cork city where we walked for miles, made our way around many shops and bought some treats for the children.


No visit to Cork city would be complete without a visit to the English Market, it is simply food heaven, we had lunch here in Café Anraith, another highlight of the weekend. I had a Goats Cheese & Fiery Red Pepper sandwich and Mr. Simply Homemade had a Poached Chicken Pitta, they were both so fresh and delicious, gorgeous food.

Fab food from Café Anraith
Fab food from Café Anraith

We had dinner Saturday night in the hotel, it was ok, but nothing stood out about it. A little stroll after dinner and then it was time to relax over a drink and savour the second and last night of our weekend.

We stopped briefly in Youghal on the way home Sunday, it was such a beautiful day, and Youghal is another, very picturesque town. Now if we’d only brought that shimmering sunshine back to Wexford with us.

Sunny Youghal
Sunny Youghal

It was such a treat to be away from home for two nights, to wake up with no extra people in our bed, to eat without dividing our food between us and little people, to wander around the shops free from tantrums, to simply relax. Of course we missed our offspring, we spoke about them, at different times we imagined what they were doing, we wondered if they had slept ok and they did, of course they did, we weren’t there to be awoken by them!!

Once we were home Sunday afternoon reality hit very quickly, a wash was put on, school uniforms were checked, lunches were made; it was as though I’d never been away……..


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