Little Voices

Little Voices

Do you ever think you should keep a little diary of all the funny things your children say? I often have, but it has always only been a fleeting thought, until now. Welcome to #littlevoices, a post where I will feature some funny quotes from my children, a  diary for me and an insight into life with my little loves for you. You too are invited to link up, share any funny little quotes your children may have shared with you during the week.


This week we have a few gems from Abbie (3) and a ‘moment’ from Caoimhe (10).

Abbie: Mommy, I heard Caoimhe & her friend talking…….about FARTS….(giggles followed, lots of giggles 😊)

Caoimhe: Do the Blackstairs Mountains have stairs?

Abbie: (calling me from the bathroom!) Mommy! I did wee and poo and raindrops….

Abbie: Them blasted flies (oooops! Can’t imagine where she overheard that!)


To join in all you have to do is;

Mention The Simply Homemade Mum, add the #littlevoices image from the top of this post and link to this post.

Click on the blue frog and enter your details in the inlinkz linky

If you tweet your post, share it on facebook or instagram, use the hashtag #littlevoices

This link will stay open for 5 days and be run on a regular basis.



3 thoughts on “Little Voices

  1. Lovely idea! My daughter Lile was asking me about different types of animals recently and asked what Gorrilas were. Apes, I replied. And Lions? They are cats. And what about people? We are human beings. Well, I’m a human being a cat, she said. I thought it was so funny! Crazy child.

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