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Caoimhe’s Story – A Guest Post

I love going through the children’s school copies at the end of the year, in particular the English one, where they’ll have a catalogue of stories written, some I will have read before, others I will have missed.

This is one that I came across in Caoimhe’s copy, it was written on the 02/12/14, entitled; Caoimhe’s Story, and I love it.


In Summer 2011 my Mam became pregnant with my baby sister Abbie 🙂

I enjoyed the 9 months my Mam was pregnant. I enjoyed sitting down with my Mam and Dad and picking names for the baby. We didn’t know if the baby was a boy or a girl so we thought of names for both. I’ve listed the names that I came up with and the ones that my parents came up with.

Parents                                   Mine

Abbie                                       Chelsea

Finn                                          Jimmy

Harry                                        Charlotte

Charlotte                                  Charlie

Molly                                        James

I also enjoyed feeling my Mam’s tummy. Most of the time I’d feel a kick, other times I wouldn’t.

Soon Abbie was born.


I know it’s a simple little story really but as I read it, I recall those same memories; my pregnancy with Abbie was a huge surprise for us all, a life changing surprise; Caoimhe was 7 at the time. She really did enjoy waiting and preparing for our new baby. She got involved with the planning, came with me to hear the baby’s heartbeat, helped to pack the baby things for the hospital and as she says herself, she had a list of names for the baby. And three years later she remembers the names we had on our lists; Mr. Simply Homemade and I used to say to her that James and Jimmy, and Charlotte and Charlie were actually the same names but she was convinced we were joking her 🙂

She has written a precious little memoir that has evoked some very happy memories.

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