Little Voices

Little Voices #2

It’s official, kids do say the funniest things. Here are some more gems courtesy of my friends children.



Hilary and her family were out for lunch the other day, when she put ketchup on 3 year old Harry’s plate, it made the noise it does when it’s nearly finished He jumped off his chair, said at the top of his voice:

‘That wasn’t me, it really wasn’t mummy, daddy you really have to stop doing that, everyone here is eating and we don’t want to smell your rudies! Do we mummy?!?!’

LOL, young Harry was on a roll, when sitting on a packed bus with his family, he declared, at the top of his voice:

‘Mummy is a toolbox!!!!’

Joan spotted 2 year old Cian standing at the wall with a pen, she told him his Grandad would be cross if he wrote on the wall, he wasn’t phased:

‘Grandad loves me’ – That told you Joan!!

When 3 year old Lily was bold, she told her Mum Tara that she would accept her apology!! Bold and gracious lol 😀

Leanne’s 3 year old daughter is partaking in a bit of role reversal with her Mum:

“Mam if u keep this up I’m just gonna cry”

3 year old Caoimhe is putting her poor Mum Catherine in her place:

“Don’t be so mean to me mom, don’t speak to me!”

Or when she wanted her to go away  she said: “Go and paint a wall or something!”

Alison wasn’t paying attention to 3 year old Fionn and when she responded to something he said with ‘uh huh’, he wasn’t long about correcting her!

‘Speak properly mum’

Niamh had a similar encounter with 3 year old Taylor:

“Don’t just say yeah mam, look at me and listen to me when I’m talking to you!”

Huge thanks to Hilary, Joan, Tara, Leanne, Catherine, Alison & Niamh for allowing me to share these little gems from their #littlevoices.


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