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Thoughts from the Dentist’s Chair

I had my annual dental check up the other day. I look after my teeth exceptionally well, they cost a lot of money! The dentist was delighted, he said they were as fabulous now as the day they went it. Then of course he uttered those words, ‘I’ll just give them a little clean for you’ Feck it anyway!!


I’ve been going to the same dentist since I was 16, I’ve lay in that chair many times, those feelings of apprehension never go away though do they? And the thoughts that run through your mind as you lie there all tense and sweaty….

Please don’t hurt me.


Ooh, that’s wet?

This bloody chair is not relaxing.

Why did I apply lip gloss?

I need to swallow!

My makeup is ruined now.

Aagh! Stop that!

I should have had another coffee.

Is he done yet?

He’s surely done now?

Yay! He’s done.




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