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Netflix Party Time!!

Weather’s shocking isn’t it? It’s probably the most common trait we, the Irish nation have, the ability to talk at great lengths about the weather, and we are all saying the same this Summer; it’s shite, pure and simple!

When the postman arrived the other day and ran through the rain carrying a rather large box, the children lifted their weather beaten heads, mexican wave style, in a sea of curiosity.

What’s that Mam?’ ‘Whatcha get?’ ‘Is it for us? Pleeeease say it’s for us!’

‘Well, if you let me open it, we’ll know what it is’

It was indeed for them, the fabulous folk at Netflix had only gone an saved Summer! We had a treasure chest full to the brim of goodies; colouring books, pencils, tattoos, face paints, popcorn and much, much more.


Also included is what I have been reliably informed, is the ‘coolest treasure map ever; Mr. Simply Homemade is now under instruction to hang this on Jack’s wall.


The letter enclosed was full of ideas and games for a screening party ‘Yay!!! We have to have a party’ So the date was set, Thursday afternoon we were having a party. There was great excitement.

They started early in the afternoon with a humungous bowl of popcorn and Dragons Race to the Edge on to view. As per the letter, shoes were off, cushions and blankets were on the floor. Jack has been a fan of the Dragon films for some time and has been enjoying getting stuck into the latest adventures with Hiccup, Toothless and co. in Dragons: Race to the Edge.


Having been engrossed in Dragons: Race to the Edge for an age, it was time for party food, using the menu provided by Netflix as a guide the children had helped come up with their Viking fayre menu.


They had Dragon Ships, Dragon Scale Pizza, Dragon Drumsticks and it was all washed down with Dragon Lava Flow.


Dessert carried on with the same theme, with a choice between Dragon Wing Pancakes and Dragon Eyeball Pancakes, both served with ice cream, to dampen the dragon’s flame!


While dinner was settling in full tummies, they were all quite happy to chill out and do some colouring for a while.


Then it was time to burn some energy! With face paints applied they went out to the garden and played what appeared to be a great fun game with Hookfang.


Viking Caoimhe & fire breathing Viking Abbie were taking care of Hookfang until Viking Jack would kidnap him, then the race was on to rescue Hookfang and send him into hiding in the hope that he would be safe from Viking Jacks clutches! Every so often Toddler Boy would scupper both sides, leading to much laughter from Mum & Dad!


Are you still with me? This went on for over a hour, kids running in every direction, it was great and the two little people were wrecked after, making bedtime easy for one night at least!


The children had a great day, they were entertained for hours and I was reminded throughout the day, ‘You must thank Netflix Mam, they’re so kind!’ ‘Yes Caoimhe, they are, we’re very lucky’

As a member of the Netflix Stream Team I have received a complimentary one year Netflix membership along with an Apple Tv box. I will in turn be featuring Netflix related blog posts. All opinions are my own! (We received the complimentary Treasure Chest of goodies for the purposes of a screening party)




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