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Caoimhe & Jack have always been close, with only 11 months separating them, they were bound to be.

They do have their moments however, and being together all day every day for the holidays has lead to a fair amount of bickering.

After yet another day of tale telling and arguments I sat the two of them down. I think they were expecting a lecture or worse still a consequence for their squabbling; ‘It’s his fault!’ What is?!’

Instead of talking to the wall for the umpteenth time, I set them a task. They were to each list 10 things they like about each other. ‘What, why? For god sake Mam!’

Why indeed? I hoped by creating the lists it would highlight why they are usually such good friends.

Here’s how they did.


Caoimhe – 10 Things I Like About Jack

  1. He’s shorter than me.
  2. He’s younger than me.
  3. He’s unique.
  4. He’s crazy.
  5. He’s got a BIG imagination.
  6. He plays with me.
  7. He let’s me borrow things.
  8. He let me keep ‘Teddy Boo Boo’ (Teddy Boo Boo was Jack’s ‘special’ teddy that we bought him as a baby, he never actually got to have it though as Caoimhe claimed it for herself!)
  9. He’s always happy.
  10. He bought a trampoline and lets me on it.

Jack – 10 Things I Like About Caoimhe

  1. She’s funny.
  2. She plays with me.
  3. She has great ideas for all sorts of things.
  4. She’s very creative.
  5. Not everything is all about her.
  6. She’s smart.
  7. She’s crazy.
  8. She shares with me.
  9. She teaches me about things that I’ve never heard of, like Betty Boop!
  10. She helps me with my homework.

The reaction to this little exercise?? The two of them had a good giggle and have been in cahoots ever since, laughing and playing together without any cross words. And long may it last…….or at least until tomorrow anyway!!

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18 thoughts on “Siblings-Pals

  1. What a lovely idea! I wan to try it but I’m scared to. My six-year-old would say lovely things about her big sister but I fear her big sister would not reciprocate and then there’d be trouble…

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